Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I'm Back!

So yes, I've been gone about a year. A whole year. And I'm not even really sure about why except for that things get busy and life runs away from us. As I was thinking about whether or not I should close down this account, I read through all of the previous posts and decided that this blog helped me probably more than it has helped anyone else. This blog gave me a reason to find joy and humor each day and I need to get back to that. Now don't get me wrong, my last year has been good and full of accomplishment, but as I look back, I remember times when I definitely let life and circumstances get the best of me. 

So I'm starting this up again. Who knows if anyone will ever read any of this- I guess it doesn't matter. I'm ready to continue working my butt off but dream a little more, laugh a little more, and be a little more grateful for my life.

Keep Smiling!

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