Tuesday, July 2, 2013

So God Made a Dog

    This short video is sweet, funny, touching and wonderful. My eyes might have even become a little misty after watching it. 

    So here's to our best friends, who love us without complaint. 

    And wear silly hats without being too put out or upset with us.
    Now go throw a ball for your little pup, and as always, keep smiling.

Monday, July 1, 2013

No Sugar Check-in- Following Thru with Goals

    I just wanted to check-in with everyone and let you know of my progress. I believe that to be successful with any goal, it's a good idea to have someone or somewhere that you report your accountability to. Now I want to let you all know that even though there have been some times when I have been tempted to slip-up, I have remained true to my goal. Knowing that eventually I'd be checking-in publicly with my success or failure actually made me really think about my resolve in my times of weakness. So this has pretty much been my internal motto:

  We all have times of weakness with things that we struggle with, but I have found that if I take a step back and think for just a moment, all of the sudden, the choice becomes much easier. I've also noticed that the times when I wanted to depart from my goal were the times when I was overly emotional. But instead of drowning my sorrows in a stack of blueberry pancakes, I listened to myself and tried to understand more fully why I was feeling that way and how I could feel better. For some tough days it meant just making it through to the next day, but for others, it meant slowing down or actually making and tackling a long to-do list. 
    Any goal that we are striving for is possible, even when life is a little rough. And when you're done and you've made it to the end, you can sing, hum or yell this song:

Keep going and keep smiling!