Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Already tired of Political Ads? Two I can get behind

First of all, let me state that there will be NO support of either candidate on this blog. This blog is about happiness and nothing about politics makes me happy. While there are many things that I loathe about politics, the thing that I hate the most is their insistance on disparaging each other in commercials. We didn't spring for a DVR which means my only solution is the mute button. 

These commercials however, are ones that I can get behind. I'll even throw in some former candidates for fun.
The Republican:

 The Democrat:
DISCLAIMER: I forgot that there is content and language that is somewhat objectionable. Watch at you're own risk.
My Favorites:

I know that these have been out for awhile, but they are still hilarious. Which one is your favorite? Michele is mine, hands down.

Keep Smiling!


  1. I think the voice in the video fits better than her real-life voice. maybe it's just me...