Friday, July 20, 2012

Hug Someone You Love

After last night's tragedy, I feel like life is a little more fragile. This happens every time something horrific happens, and personally, I'm glad that it does. These awful situations should remind us that life is short and unexpected, that this moment that we are in might not last forever. It should reawaken a part of our souls that gets ground down by the day-to-day. We should be a little truer to who we are and love those around us a litte deeper. Today is your chance and my chance. A chance to reach out and change. We can all be kinder  to strangers on the street, softer when we deal with those we love and even maybe a little more patient with those who wrong us. We can glimpse the hate and violence in the world and combat it with love and kindness. We can never change what happened in Colorado last night, but we can change what will happen. It is so easy to become desensitized. It is so easy to be less than who we should be. Today, more than ever, we should fight the apathy. Call your grandma, take time to play with your kids, volunteer, smile. Today, we should live a day worthwhile.    

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