Friday, June 1, 2012

"How to be Happy" according to Google pt 2-Follow your Gut

         So, after yesterday's hiatus we are back to our article on being happy. I was actually quite surprised to read that Follow your Gut was the second thing listed. While I probably wouldn't have originally listed that myself, the more I thought about it, the more I felt like it is right on the money. Call it your "gut" or "inspiration," "sixth sense" or "intuition," we all have had times where we just FELT something rather than THOUGHT it. In our heads (or hearts) there was no explanation, no logical reasoning. How many times have we followed that inner prompt and how many times have we pushed it aside? While I firmly believe that you should think about every major and even minor choice, what if your inspiration and your logic are squarely at odds? In those moments, I try to clear my head and listen, even for just a moment to myself. While I can't honestly give you a real statistic on the number of times I chose my head over heart or visa versa, I can tell you that overall, when I go with my heart, I'm happier. 
I saw this the other day and thought this summed up perfectly how I feel about things. Don't be afraid to think and don't be feel. Have you ever followed your gut only to be wrong? Maybe your brain over-thought something? 

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