Monday, June 17, 2013

Life without sugar

Many of you know that my husband I decided to become pescetarians  a few years back to keep off some of the weight that tends to creep up and cling tightly to most of us as we age. We saw real and marked success with this change in many areas, but especially around the middle. Fast forward a few years and you'll find my husband and I doing pretty well with healthy eating. Healthy except for one main thing: sugar. 

Sugar is my weakness, my Kryptonite. I'm fairly fortunate to have a personality that isn't easily addicted to much of anything. My body is awesome about that too. No real issues, I thought. Then for some strange reason one day I felt the need to try a whole week without processed sugar. No "healthy" yogurt pretzels or dark chocolate covered almonds. I even said no to honey for the fear of it becoming a gateway drug, leading back into the harder white stuff. 
    Well, I'm reporting in that after more than a week of only real foods -including fresh fruits, I'm actually feeling pretty great. The first 6 days were rough and I literally dreamed and day dreamed about cookies more times than I'd like to admit. But then, the cravings slowly started to dissipate and my body feels a lot happier now when I reach for an apple instead of chocolate. 
    While I'm sure that I'll eat sugar again at some point, my new goal is to extend my processed sugar ban for a month. Will I make it? Who knows, but I'm sure gonna try. 
    Anyone else out there trying out some new goals? Best of luck and keep smiling!

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