Thursday, June 20, 2013

Life's Soundtrack for a Beautiful Afternoon

I love music. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I wish life had a soundtrack. It could make the happiest moments more joyful and even the average day-to-day moments seem especially purposeful. Music has an ability to bring our emotions to the forefront of our mind; with music we not only feel our emotions but we embrace the act of feeling them. 

There is plenty of scientific data that supports music's ability to change or alter even our most basic autonomic functions like heart rate and breathing. Music is like magic, basically. Like magic mixed with scientific support. 
    I'm not sure that there is a composer out there who created more magical or beautiful pieces than Claude Debussy. His music truly is what feelings sound like. I'd like to think that if my soul had a song, it would closely resemble Reverie. His piece Clair de Lune was also recently voted the most beautiful song so I've put both videos up for you to enjoy!


Clair de Lune

I love Debussy! If you're dying for more of his work, Youtube has quite a few of his songs. Have a beautiful day and keep smiling!

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